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In many projects customers have asked us again and again:

"Why start from scratch when there are standards for best practices in quality management such as ISO 9001?"


We have long hesitated to offer "something ready" because we know how dangerous it is to do so without taking into account the specific requirements of the respective company. On the other hand, ISO 9001 is a standard, i.e. many things can be implemented independently of a company's specific character in order to achieve optimum results, even to the point of certification.


As a result, we have packed together our more than 20 years of project experience in TQM and a great deal of entrepreneurial knowledge and defined the cornerstones of a process-oriented standard solution:

  • Standardize everything that is prescribed by a standard (ISO 9001)

  • In addition, standardize processes that are based on best practices and successful experiences to the extent that they are widely universally applicable

  • Detailed only to the extent that the general usability is ensured and the processes are complete

  • Provide complementary tools such as checklists, templates and role descriptions to support implementation

Our satisfied customers have confirmed the correctness of this approach many times:

"We didn't have to reinvent the wheel, but could concentrate on our specific requirements - that saved us a lot of time and money"


.... the result is - the QM Process Library


The QM Process Library is a standardized Best Practice Process Model of the international standard ISO 9001 modelled in BPMN 2.0 supporting especially the implementation of Process Oriented Quality Management. The processes shown here are highly customizable to the necessities of an enterprise in simple manner and integrable into the enterprises process model. Two versions are available:

In the English version for Signavio we support british and american English alternatively, american English in ARIS.



Some of our successful examples:





ISO 9001 describes the "what" - the QM Process Library describes the "how"


With the QM Process Library we provide a tool developed by practitioners for practitioners that:

  • saves the awful evaluation of necessary processes in the beginning of an Quality Management project

  • provides a check for completeness for the planned QM process model

  • describes how the ISO 9001 processes and functions can be implemented

  • provides a huge amount of checklists and templates for Quality Management

  • shows the internal and external process interfaces of the Quality Management

  • provides process oriented support for the implementation of Quality Management systems

  • addresses all process requirements of the ISO 9001 standard


Features of the QM Process Library

  • 50 linked process graphs from all ISO 9001 disciplines

  • 17 interface diagrams for the ISO 9001 disciplines

  • 5 process landscapes for the ISO 9001 process groups

  • role descriptions

  • checklists and templates to important topics of ISO 9001 linked to the respective process steps

  • RACI matrix for the responsibilities

Alle Inhalte der ITIL® 2011 Prozessbibliothek auf einen Blick


All content of the QM Process Library at one glance



Benefits of the QM Process Library

  • best practice from the very beginning

  • a process model tailored to the needs of the enterprise (avoiding the "reinvention of the wheel")

  • integrable into each enterprise process model

  • reduction of consulting spending

  • quick wins in a mission critical project


What you should not expect (and we do not promise)


Your Business is determined by your market, your entrepreneurial excellence and your uniqueness, hence the tight integration of QM processes and your specific business processes is not to be completely standardized (despite what others tell you - otherwise you would loose your competitive advantage). Thus our QM Process Library

  • no compensation for the necessary ITSM implementation project (positive change in existing processes), but makes it much easier and saves money

  • is no plug and play-solution, but has to be integrated into the processes of your enterprise - this is very simple

At this point we always advise to check, which TQM processes are required in the actual situation of your organization, and never try to implement all possible processes uncritically.


We standardize by means of our QM Process Library all QM processes, which are to be standardized in a wise manner - this gives the offered degree of details.



Additional service free of charge


With immediate effect all new customers of our QM Process Library will have an everlasting access to our rapidly growing QM document archive. It contains:

  • all QM checklists

  • all templates

  • all key performance indicators

  • all other accompanying documents of the QM Process Library.

We provide ongoing new QM documents in this archive and want to ensure that all our customers always get all new QM documents even in case they have not been included in the QM Process Library at the moment of purchase.


Look and Feel (Signavio)


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Overview of the ISO 9001 Improvement Processes



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ISO 9001 Process Model - PDCA Cycle


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ISO 9001 Process Model - Audit Planning (Detail Process)



Look and Feel (ARIS)



ISO 9001 Improvement Processes - ARIS


Overview of the ISO 9001 Improvement Processes



ISO 9001 PDCA-Cycle - ARIS


ISO 9001 Process Model - PDCA Cycle



ISO 9001 Process Model - Audit Planning (Detail Process)


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QM Process Library German or English for Signavio Process Manager


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QM Process Library multilingual (german and english) for Signavio Process Manager


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QM Process Library German or English for Software AG - ARIS


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QM Process Library multilingual (german and english) for Software AG - ARIS


€ 2.490.-




Please contact us via sales@walter-abel.at


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