.... IT enables your business ....

IT Service Management


Do you know the situation?

  • IT gets more and more expensive ....

  • IT reacts slowly to changes ....

  • users are dissatisfied increasingly ....

  • and the benefits are in doubt ....

  • your customers claim a proof of quality for your IT Service Management ....

The good message:

IT Service Management is able to enhance the cooperation of IT and business thus improving the economic efficiency of IT operation ....

What you achieve with us like many successful others before you:

  • your way to business- and strategy oriented IT services

  • your way to develop your IT services together with users collaboratively

  • your way to control IT and business as a living organism

  • your way to take advantage from successful others using best in class process templates

  • your way to demonstrate the quality of your IT Service Management by ISO 20000 certification


Some of our successful examples:




The endless discussion whether IT is a "service provider" or an "enabler" has been outdated by reality - no enterprise can neglect the fact that IT is integrated part of the value chain and thus ensures directly company success. Those who do not believe shall pull the plug and watch their survival time ....

Now every day we are confronted with the hypes - ITIL®, CobiT, ISO 20000 - all of them reasonable standards aiming towards improvement of IT service quality - but how to implement in an individual way to success of the own enterprise?

Only detailed knowledge of the contribution of the IT services to competitive advantages and business success are the basis for the strategic positioning of the IT - and thus for appropriate sizing of implementation of the standards in an individual way.

Why ITIL® et al.?

ITIL® is a collection of highly accepted Best Practices for the organization of a sustainable value adding, process oriented IT operation.

In average 80% of IT costs are operational costs - and 50% of them are directly or indirectly costs of malfunction correction (thus 40% of the operational IT costs), and hence potentially avoidable!

Typical situation

  • You have studied the "thick books" of ITIL® and CobiT and you are facing the question: "How can i realize this in my company?"

  • You know the ITIL® standard model and you want to know how to optimize the own IT service processes in terms of costs and value by this

  • You want to achieve transparency in your IT accounting and charging

  • IT governance is a future goal

  • Your internal and/or external customers focus on defined service levels increasingly

  • And at the end you are heading towards ISO 20000 certification as external proof of quality  for your IT Service Management

Our contribution to your success

We emphasize on our clear and structured methodology, which always takes into account the company specific requirements to the IT service management and avoids uncritical implementation of standard processes:

  • Workshop with IT management to define goals and scope of the engagement aligned to the business strategy

  • Definition of realization team and responsibilities

  • Analysis and assessment of the existing IT Service Management

  • Definition which ITSM processes your organization requires according to its business and strategy

  • Mapping with ITIL® standard processes and CobiT models

  • Planning of realization

  • Creation of your service landscape (portfolio)

  • Modelling of your according company specific IT processes (to be)

  • Definition of process and service responsibilities

  • Cost evaluation of IT services

  • Agreement and approval with IT management

  • ISO 20000 conforming documentation of your IT Service Management System

  • If wanted periodic reviews

What you will receive

  • Complete documentation of the optimized IT service processes and organization

  • Required Guidelines and Directives

  • Service catalogues

  • Exemplary Service Level Agreements

  • Costs of and charging model for IT services

  • The knowledge to maintain and develop your IT service management processes in the future

  • All prerequisites for ISO 20000 certification

Have an easy start into your ITSM-project with the ITSM Process Library

The ITSM Process Library is a standardized Best Practice Process Model of ITSM based upon the international standards ITIL® 4 and ISO 20000. It shows the "how to implement" about the "what defined" in the ITSM standards. The processes shown here are highly customizable to the necessities of an enterprise in simple manner and integrable into the enterprises process model.


Register free of cost and test the ITSM Process Library without obligation

ITSM Prozessbibliothek kostenlos testen ITSM Prozessbibliothek kostenlos testen
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or download our immediately implementable ITSM process sets according to ITIL® und ISO 20000 in our ITSM Portal or in our ITSM Shop!

Field Report at no charge: ITSM in Practice

  ITIL® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited.

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