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Signavio Process Manager



Understand, optimize and implement business processes. This is what professional business process management does - using professional tools.

The Signavio Process Manager provides easy access to professional business process management thanks to innovative web technology. It allows to incorporate more employees or even business partners, suppliers and customers into the process of process design.


The Signavio Process Manager is the first SAP® HANA® Cloud certified BPM solution. It supports as single BPM solution the Decision Management, the definition of decisions within processes based upon existing, predefined business rules as basis of Compliance Management.



Some of our successful examples:







Signavio Process Manager is the leading tool for design, analysis (simulation), documentation and publishing of your business processes with simple and intuitive user interface. It supports graphical modelling of Event Driven Process Chains and the Business Process Modelling Notation inversion 2.0 as well. With BPMN 2.0 all diagram types (process-/collaboration diagrams, choreography diagrams and conversation diagrams) are supported. You can:

  • create models of your processes from a central repository in flow chart style directly in your browser

  • create free number of process hierarchies

  • link any document to your processes (work procedures, recipes, maintenance manuals, etc.)

  • start applications from the process model

  • calculate processes (cost, time, material consumption, etc.)

  • simulate processes

  • document decisions within processes in grafical manner

  • export your processes in various formats (.png, .svg, .pdf, .xml for BPMN 2.0)

  • import ARIS® - process landscapes, event driven process chains and organigrams

  • create process manuals automated

  • integrate the Signavio Process Manager in Wikis and Blogs in an easy way

Software as a Service


The Signavio Process Manager is available as SaaS-solution, that allows you to avoid software installations and capital expenditures. The system is hosted on Signavio servers. You can start right away and you can decide on a monthly basis how many users you have accessing the process repository.



Your Benefit

  • Simple and intuitive modelling, hence much less effort in process modeling compared to other systems

  • Publication without installation on client side, thus reduced effort in installation and operation (Total Cost of Ownership)

  • Full functionality with basic license (modelling, simulation, Publication), hence scalable costs

  • With one time licensing creation of as many process models as you like, no additional costs as your process model grows


Look and Feel


Signavio Process Manager - Process Landscape 


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Signavio Process Manager - Process Landscape


Signavio Process Manager - Interface Diagram 


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Signavio Process Manager - Interface Diagram



Signavio Process Manager - Process Modeling in BPMN 2.0 


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Signavio Process Manager - Process Modelling in BPMN 2.0



 Signavio Process Manager - Dictionary


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Signavio Process Manager - Dictionary


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