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Multiply proven tools and processes of quality management (according to ISO 9001:2015) for immediate implementation as instant download


Save a huge amount of costs and spending for external consulting of your TQM-implementation by utilizing proven tools and detailed process descriptions like a lot of successful others too:


ISO 9001:2015 describes what to do, we demonstrate how to do ....


Utilize the required processes and tools even without external consulting


Click here for more details - ISO 9001:2015 processes of quality management

410 pages


50 processes

17 interface diagrams

17 RACI - matrices


€ 145.-


coming soon

Process Set of Quality Management according to ISO 9001:2015


Under construction

  • Process index

  • Interface diagrams

  • Main information flows

  • Supplemental checklists for the implementation


Per process
  • Process designation

  • Process goal

  • Process responsible

  • Involved roles (RACI) including role descriptions

  • Process flow in BPMN 2.0

  • Detail description of the process steps



Click here for more details - ISO 9001:2015 templates for audits

4 templates


docx - Format


€ 29.-

Template Package Audit

Templates in the package
  • Audit Plan

  • Audit Planning (Audit Program)

  • Audit Protocol

  • Audit Report

These templates are editable in docx - format, thus you may adapt them to your personal requirements.


Check our free excerpt - ISO 9001:2015 templates for audits of the quality management

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Editable QM Process Library for the Signavio Process Manager and ARIS from Software AG

Click here for more details about the QM Prozessbibliothek


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Registration for a free test (Signavio)

Registration for a free test (ARIS)


For all details about the Deliverables and Purchasing of the QM Process Library click here:


Gehe zur Detailseite der ITSM Prozessbibliothek


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These tools and process sets are based upon our well known QM Process Library. It describes the processes of Quality Management utilizing the market leading process management systems Signavio Process Manager and Software AG ARIS notated in BPMN 2.0, and derives from the experience of nearly 20 years of successful TQM-project implementation.


Thus we want to provide you a process oriented guide through the complex topic of the ISO 9001, that

  • saves the awful evaluation of necessary processes in the beginning of your QM-project

  • provides a check for completeness for your planned QM-process model

  • shows the internal and external process interfaces of Quality Management

accelerating your project remarkably and hence saving costs (especially external consulting costs).


The pupose of these tools and process sets is not provision of theoretical knowledge, but demonstrate the experience of numerous implementations of process oriented quality management. Practical relevance is the focus.



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