.... act and decide lean and flexible ....

Process Management 3.0

Do you know the statements?

  • documented processes are inflexible ....

  • the process organisation is always obsolete ....

  • the employees ignore the processes ....

  • decisions within processes are not documented ....

The good message:

Order in processes can be flexible and sustainable when decisions in processes are defined also - thus emphasizing on vitality of processes - standardization where ever compliance oriented rules are given, freedom where ever situative decisions without underlying rules are required ....


Process Management 3.0

Process Management 3.0 integrates consequently business relevant decisions into the business processes thus ensuring the maximum support of process stakeholders and the fulfillment of the highly important compliance requirements

Decision Management - the ultimate completion of your processes:

Most business processes modelled show the branching of the flow due to decisions within the process, but most of them do not depict the decision criteria in behind sufficently. These are often hidden in work instructions or even not defined.

Decisions within business processes 

Integrated Decision Management makes business processes usable in daily life, guides employees to accurate doing and ensures compliance and auditing capability

What you will achieve with us like other successful organizations too:

  • your way to have goal oriented processes

  • your way to measurable processes

  • your way to support of the important decisions within processes - decision management

  • your way to involve the acting people

  • your way to focus on involved IT systems


Some of our successful examples:



Our Consulting


All enterprises are heading towards an organization, that is flexible enough to fit the fast changes in markets and competition, lean enough to beat competition in price, innovative enough to lead in service and products development and engaged enough to offer outstanding quality and customer service. The problem in realization of all this criteria are resulting from answering the wrong question:

Are we doing the tasks right?

We help you to answer the much more important question in times of international competition by a team - oriented and structured approach based on proven methodologies:

Are we doing the right tasks?

Goal setting decides which way to chose:

  • Evolution - optimizing processes

  • Revolution - redesign processes

In case of the revolutionary solution of process reengineering we emphasize especially on the transition phase as your enterprise has to perform without interruption. Due to our structured and team-oriented methodology we ensure the completeness of all involved processes including all interfaces and an highest possible learning effect within your organization. The integrated problem analysis focuses on distant problem sources and distant problem effects to eliminate the real problem spots throughout the organization.


consists of two steps:

  • Quick wins without loosing track of the overall concepts and goals

  • Long term realization of all improvement potentials

Sustainable processes require permanent measurement. For this reason each process is provided with specific performance parameters to monitor efficiency and effectiveness.

Our systemic approach

involves always in a team oriented way the employees:

  • Consensus oriented analysis - the common view of the enterprise's business processes

  • Common understanding of problems - the team oriented problem analysis emphasizes on causal research and avoids assignment of obligations

  • Know how transfer - creation of understanding the internal customer - supplier - relations empowers friction free collaboration over the borders of organizational structures

  • Finding solutions in team - creative potentials of the employees involved from all levels of hierarchy is utilized systematically and thus avoids the "not invented here-effect" (refusal of solution caused by not being involved)

Proven Methodologies for Success

  • stratMAP (strategic MAPping) - the strategic communication map of your company exemplifies the value and support flow through the organizational structure of your company

  • AAMS (AccountsAnalysis for ManagementSystems) - the structured analysis of your enterprise harmonizes management view and operational view of your business processes in as-is and to-be perspective. The integrated problem- and requirements analysis incorporates hard facts (goals, strategies, budgets, infrastructures, resources, environment, aso.) and soft facts (people in processes of the organization) as well

  • 1-2-3 Method - the fast way from the large overall view of a process to the most important alternative ways and the essential exceptional situations to be captured

Collaborative Process Management with Signavio Process Manager  Process management training lends wings to your company 

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