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Project Management



The magic triangle of Project Management


 The magic triangle of Project Management

If these cornerstones are observed project success comes automatically.



Some of our successful examples:



Critical Project Management Requirements


How we guide your project to success:

  • We bring missing skills to your enterprise

  • We take over project management on demand

  • We coach your project manager and project team members

  • We perform trainings for your project manager and project team members

  • We set up necessary structures and processes for an agile project oriented organization


Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • All mission critical skills available in the project (ensuring project success)

  • Internal resources unburdened (capability to act)

  • Project(s) on budget and time realized (reaching the project goals)

  • Implemented agile project organization in your company (sustainability)

  • Implemented project controlling (manageability)

  • Trained staff including soft skills (viability in company's business)


A study of the Mannheim University from 2008 regarding project success rates shows:

  • The selection of the project management methodology has no major impact on project success

  • Over hours do not contribute to project success

  • Projects do normally not fail due to technical reasons

  • Projects fail due to a lack of information and communication

  • Projects fail due to lacking confidence within the project team

  • The bigger the project team is the higher is the risk to fail due to group dynamics


Together on the road to success ....


The key goals within a project are:

  • Quality in reaching the project's goals

  • Speed of realization

The critical success factors within a project are:

  • Taking care of strategic backgroung and project environment

  • Involving and information of affected people

  • Common understanding of the project goals, thus commitment and understanding of the own contribution to project success

  • Project Engineering as tool for realization of the best solution the enterprise is capable to handle based on the actual phase of development of the organization (not the generic ideal solution!)

Project realization requires special qualification and correct usage of project management methodologies, tools and soft skills of guiding humans through change that are normally not found in typical companies' organizations:

  • Adjustment of Project Portfolio with the company's strategy

  • Integration in project portfolio

  • Project Scope Management

  • Project Time Management

  • Project Cost Management

  • Project Quality Management

  • Employee Qualification (Human Resource Management)

  • Communication within the project and Internal Marketing (Communications Management)

  • Project Risk Management

  • Project Procurement Management

  • Usage of appropriate Tools



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