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Project Management




The magic triangle of Project Management


 The magic triangle of Project Management

If these cornerstones are observed project success comes automatically.



Some of our successful examples:



Critical Project Management Requirements


How we guide your project to success:


Your Benefits at a Glance:


A study of the Mannheim University from 2008 regarding project success rates shows: 

  • The selection of the project management methodology has no major impact on project success

  • Over hours do not contribute to project success

  • Projects do normally not fail due to technical reasons

  • Projects fail due to a lack of information and communication

  • Projects fail due to lacking confidence within the project team

  • The bigger the project team is the higher is the risk to fail due to group dynamics


Together on the road to success ....


The key goals within a project are:

The critical success factors within a project are:

Project realization requires special qualification and correct usage of project management methodologies, tools and soft skills of guiding humans through change that are normally not found in typical companies' organizations:



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