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The ITSM Process Library is a standardized Best Practice Process Model (ITSM Process Map) that takes into account the requirements of ITIL® 2011 and ISO 20000, but also depicts additional requirements for the efficient and economic management of IT organizations and supports them with numerous tools (role descriptions, checklists and templates), modelled in BPMN 2.0. The processes shown here are highly customizable to the necessities of an enterprise in simple manner and integrable into the enterprises process model. Four versions are available:

In the English version we support british and american English alternatively.



Some of our successful examples:




ITIL® and ISO 20000 describe the "what" - the ITSM Process Library describes the "how"


With the ITSM Process Library we provide a tool developed by practitioners for practitioners that:


Features of the ITSM Process Library

The complete content of the ITSM Process Library at one glance


The complete content of the ITSM Process Library at one glance



Benefits of the ITSM Process Library


What you should not expect (and we do not promise)


Your Business is determined by your market, your entrepreneurial excellence and your uniqueness, hence the tight integration of IT processes and your specific business processes is not to be completely standardized (despite what others tell you - otherwise you would loose your competitive advantage). Thus our ITSM Process Library

At this point we always advise to check, which ITSM processes are required in the actual situation of your organization, and never try to implement all possible processes uncritically. This we support with our ITSM Consulting Services.


We standardize by means of our ITSM Process Library all IT processes, which are to be standardized in a wise manner - this gives the offered degree of details.



Additional Service free of charge


With immediate effect all new customers of our ITSM Process Library will have an everlasting access to our ITSM document archive. It contains:

We provide ongoing new ITSM documents in this archive and want to ensure that all our customers always get all new ITSM documents even in case they have not been included in the ITSM Process Library at the moment of purchase.


Look and Feel


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Overview of the ITSM processes



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ITSM Process Model - Service Management (Level 1)


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ITSM Process Model - Release Setup (Detail Process)


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